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Inspiration - The Mexican hairstylist was inspired by his love for architecture to design the packaging of the brand. “I am captivated by the clean lines, the minimalism of The Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry in Los Angeles,” Molina says.

Old School - From New York fashion week to the tv set of American Idol, from working with celebrities to socialites, Octavio Molina conquered the world of Haute hairdressing. But something was missing, his hair care line. “I’ve worked with other hair brands, and none of them were giving what I wanted.” That’s when TΛVI was created, based in traditional Mexican brands that he was exposed to as a child in his native Mexico. “My Mom has always believed in the healing power of plants: Chamomile tea for stomach ache or to treat dandruff, oregano tea for coughs, aloe vera to treat burns or as a scalp masque. […] Those experiences and memories that I lived with her influenced so much of the design of the line”.

Recipe for healthy hair -On top of a minimalistic and cool packaging, Molina proposes a scalp diet to achieve “Red carpet hair.” That's why each product has a number on, so you know in which order to use each product. “[It’s meant] to be used as a skin care system.” He explains.

Footprint - “We used ingredients that are native to California, like sage, chamomile, and rosemary, to minimize transportation. By manufacturing the products locally, we keep our economy active and make sure that our partners are adequately compensated and work under proper conditions."

It is our moment - “Finally, beauty and Latin culture are being celebrated in America. Its native roots, millenarian traditions are influencing in a very positive way the beauty industry and that is something I am very proud to be a part of.”