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A Note from Octavio Molina

Founder and Creative Director of TAVI Hair.

Two things that are essential in the pursuit of happiness and self-improvement are respecting the world, its resources, and celebrating our individuality. We hope TaviHair’s products allow you to express your unique view of the world with your hairstyle, all while fortifying, balancing, and nourishing your hair.
— Octavio Molina

About Tavi Hair

Where science and nature meet to clean, nourish and heal.

From aloe vera, rosemary and chamomile to lemon balm, algae extract, and biotin, each natural ingredient is prominent within an individual product’s formulation. Providing hair with the highest concentration of nutrients, while being an essential tool for effortless styling.

We make products that love your hair. Plain and simple.

Vegan, Paraben, Sulfate, and Cruelty-Free.